5 Interesting Facts About Vaping


Vaping has been around way longer than you ever thought, evolving yearly. From a patent device introduced as an e-cigarette that never uses electricity to the most bizarre e-liquid flavour ever created. Here are five interesting facts about vaping that will blow your mind.

1. The First Ever E-Cigarettes Made were not even Commercialized

Joseph Robinson created the first-ever e-cigarette in the world in 1927. Not until 1930 that he received a patent for his creation. Joseph Robinson’s creation is not commercialized. We all know that tobacco products and chewing nicotine are still in high demand among people during that period. Also, the term electric cigarette would undoubtedly raise the brows of its potential consumers who worry about its safety.

Followed by Herbert A. Gilbert in the 1960s, who created an e-cigarette that is closely similar to the vape pens we know today. However, like Joseph Robinson, Herbert A. Gilbert failed to commercialize his creation. The first man to commercialize an e-cigarette was John Phil Ray. He was also one of the pioneers of computers. Phil Ray achieved creating the device with the help of his physician, Norman Jacobson. However, it fails to gain public success due to the device’s faulty features. The device is not even electronic at all. Despite the failure of John Phil Ray and Norman Jacobson, they are the two men who invented the term “vape” for e-cigarettes. A term that we all use up until today.

2. The First Success of Vaping

In 2003, e-cigarettes will see their very first commercial success. Hon Lik is a Chinese pharmacist and inventor. He is also known to be a smoker, but what inspired him to invent the e-cigarette was his father dying of lung cancer due to excessive smoking. Golden Dragon Holdings will develop the device Hon Lik made called “Ruyan”, which means “like smoke.”

3. Vape Pen is the real Kingpin

Since it is the first design of the first vape ever created, this vape design is undoubtedly the most iconic and top seller among all vape mods. The form and shape of a vape pen resemble a typical tobacco cigarette which will be seen by smokers appealing to shift into vaping.

What considers to be a vape pen? A vape mod that is designed like a stick, whether rounded at the bottom, square, rectangular or elliptical, manufacturers still consider this a vape pen. The high number of sales and popularity of the vape pen made it a king but also on the convenience and flavor delivery. Veterans of vaping or those who own a vape shop will mostly say there’s nothing like vape pen flavors. That is why up until today, whether it be a disposable or a pod system, vape pens are the most favoured designs by consumers and manufacturers.

4. The Most Bizarre E-Juice Flavor Ever Created

There are tons of flavors for e-liquids on vapes. Most mix well with the staple flavors, but some are bizarre. Take a look at a crazy idea of pizza-flavoured e-liquid for vaping. Reviews might tell vapers good kinds of stuff about it, preferably to end up with the same worst fate they had after buying it. In short, never try it. The flavour does taste like your ordinary pizza when put on chips, but the vapour smells disgusting. Also, you will need to replace your whole tank, RDA, pod cartridge or whatever you put it. The taste and smell will linger there forever. Mint or Tobacco Pizza, anyone?

5. The Most Expensive Vape Mod ever existed

How much can a vaper handle spending on a vape mod? A $100? $400-$600? How’s $887,000 sound? Sofia from Shisha Sticks costs a jaw-dropping 887,000 USD. It is custom ordered by a Russian billionaire to give to his girlfriend as a birthday present. It is adorned with diamonds, 24k gold and glass made from hand-blown Italian Murano glass.


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