Common Mistakes necklace Users Make That Jewelry Manufacturers Detest


ACCORDOI has to be one of the most reliable jewelers globally, if not the best. When it comes to varieties and beautiful solver or gold necklaces, there are too many options. If you have a plan to buy a necklace that will last you for a long time, then this store is a good option. However, before you buy any necklace, you should consider if you are ready to wear one. Of course, a necklace is plug-and-play for almost anyone. As long as you have bought the necklace from the best store, many believe they can only use it anyway they like.

While this is not incorrect, there is more to a necklace than simply wearing it anyhow you wish. Even when you buy a necklace from the best store, proper usage, storage, and maintenance are vital to the lifespan and beauty of the necklace. If you prefer to buy an expensive necklace, you have more work to do aside from maintenance. There needs to be some form of insurance for your necklace. But in most cases, necklace Users hardly know about these things and talk less about doing them. In this guide, we will discuss some of the mistakes your necklace manufacturer wishes you never made to extend and preserve the beauty of the jewelry. Some of them are;

Not cleaning your jewelry

When you first buy a necklace, it is always very attractive. Usually, the necklace will maintain that optimal beauty for days and a few weeks. But as time goes, the necklace ages, and of course, the beauty fades. At this point, you will get very angry if your sole reason for buying the necklace is beauty. For good jewelers, they prefer that you come back to the store at intervals to clean your necklace and maintain its beauty. However, if that is not comfortable, you can clean on your own. All you need to ensure is that you are using the most appropriate processes to clean.

Stopping to visit the store

When you buy a necklace from any jeweler, the manufacturers are usually happy, especially if it is an expensive one. Of course, everyone likes to make a profit, but that is not what keeps your jeweler happy. Starting from the fact that you found your way to their shop, they are filled with joy. Also, jewelers are glad and fulfilled when you have a hard time picking the right size for you. They believe it is a good sign that they have beautiful and quality necklaces.

Not insuring your necklace

Most necklaces are made out of metals. Therefore, when a home burns with necklaces and other jewelry inside, it will burn. Most people have the right education about home insurance. As such, most home damages will be sorted. But because not many people understand jewelry insurance. You can add the insurance of your necklace to that of your home.


Bad storage and not listening to the necklace manufacturer are some of the most annoying issues you can have with your jeweler.


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