Why Use Pressure Washer Hose Reels?


The hose is a critical part of a pressure washer. After the pump potential, a high-quality and anti-winding hose is the user’s next preference. Manually coiling the hose damages it. Hence, causing the hose to lose its effectiveness eventually.

That is where hose reels come into play. Many manufacturers like Giraffetools,auto reels make high-end hose reels for pressure washers. Although, hose reels may not seem like much. But they offer unseen benefits.

Helps Reduced Wear

Pressure washer hoses have a rubber cover. Frequent wheel rollovers result in premature rubber wear. Moreover, tapped hoses result in uneven sprays as well. Using a hose reel prevents the hose from tapping and rollovers.

Hose reels house the hose easily and compactly. It prevents the user from winding too hard and ultimately keeps the hose undamaged.

Reduces Tripping Accidents

An astray hosepipe causes tripping accidents which likely result into injuries. A hose reel keeps the hose out of the way. And, ensures safety during the wash and storage as well.

More Productivity

Not all pressure washers are spacious enough to house the entire hose cord. Resultantly, you try to coil in the available space. An improperly wound hose takes much time to untangle. It drains your energy and reduces productivity.

Hose reels reduce your winding and unwinding efforts to minimal. And, help you stay energetic and productive.


Many users believe that hose reels are just a waste of money. However, the truth is quite surprising. Unlike other pressure washers, hose reel doesn’t need heavy maintenance and last for years. Also, owning a hose reel saves you from additional hose maintenances as well.

Helps Keep Things Neat

Gas-powered pressure washers usually have long hoses. A splaying hosepipe all around gives an untidy look.

You can buy a larger hose reel to roll on a longer hose. A neatly bundled hose will give a clean look and preserves hygiene.

Kinds of Hose Reels Available in Market

Now that you know the benefits of hose reels, you may consider buying one. In that case, look at some available kinds.

Automatic Reels

Since hose reels mostly have commercial applications, a common type is the automatic reels. These reels have an automatic retractor to wind and unwind the hose. They are best suited to compressed hoses. However, some models are available for home use as well.

Garden Hose Reels

Garden reels are an economic way to preserve your pressure washer hose. They compactly house the hose and minimize the untangling time. But, for short hose they are not a smart pick.

Hand Crank Reels

The hand crank operates manually. You roll the reel using the attached handle and it winds and unwinds the hose. These reels are best suited for home use.

The above hose reels are more apt for commercial applications. And, may prove expensive for domestic cleaning. Therefore, some domestic pressure washers offer built-in hose reels. Additionally, online stores offer other options as well.

Final Verdict

Handling a pressure washer isn’t difficult. However, most users feel uncomfortable untangling the hose for every wash. Hose reels solve the dispute efficiently.

Having a hose reel minimizes your efforts, saves time and prevents wear. Lastly, domestic level pressure washers don’t need a reel so direly. But, buying one has no drawbacks.


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