Everything you Need to Know about Enamel Pins


Enamel pins are basically some sort of cute little badges of various designs, styles, and colors that are worn for decorative or supportive purposes on clothes, jackets, suits, belts, or even backpacks. The magicmovies come in a large variety, including everything from your taste in music to the most viral meme you saw on Facebook and emojis, etc. Therefore, have a lot of fun with these little pieces of art that can add beauty and aesthetics and stand out in the crowd with such an enamel pin shining brightly on your jacket or backpack.

Before that, let’s just have a deep insight into what an enamel pin is, how it is made, its types, and what exactly is important to consider before selecting an enamel pin for yourself!

Types Of Enamel Pins

Based on the manufacturing process, enamel pins are categorized as soft enamel pins or hard enamel pins that can be differentiated on the following basis:

Soft enamel pins have raised edges of the metal, and the enamel is recessed. Moreover, these enamel pins are slimmer than the other types, and the manufacturing cost is much lower than the hard enamel pins.

However, the hard ones have a definite finish, and they tend to be even more durable, long-lasting, and scratch-resistant.

Well, to choose whether you should go with the hard enamel pins or the soft ones depends completely on the basic requirements and the needs and cause. This means, if you want enamel pins for your business promotions, trades, or other similar causes, the hard ones are perfect for it. However, for more casual causes, or if someone likes to collect enamel pins as a hobby, go for the soft enamel pins as they are not so expensive and look great and colorful.

The manufacturing process of enamel pins

The manufacturing process involves 5 to 6 stages, starting from the molding of metals for making some design; cutting the molds is the next step. Following cutting, plating is done the plated surface is polished for a smooth and shiny texture. Color the mold and remove the extra color from the surface of the metal. Proceed to the baking process and bake the mold for approximately 15 minutes at around 450F. Lastly, protect your enamel pin from cracking or fading by adding another coat of clear epoxy.

Uses of enamel pins

Enamel pins are most used for decorative purposes. Place one or two enamel pins of your choice on your bag or your jacket and see how amazing it looks and how it enhances the look of your dress. Moreover, these pins can also be used to depict a person’s association with some particular cause or some organization.

For example

Some companies have these rituals of giving away a company’s enamel pin to the most hard-working and passionate employee to symbolize their achievement. Such giveaways help the employees to stand out among others based on their achievements, and therefore, this undoubtedly leads to an increase in the employee’s productivity and raises their morale.


Whether you want to use these enamel pins for your company’s recognition or simple decorative purposes on your jackets and bags, make sure you choose the right one for yourself. Moreover, when you select the enamel pin for yourself, ensure its durability, reliability, grip, and shiny texture to enjoy its beauty for long.


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