How Long Does A Roll up Spring Door Last?


When you own a roll up garage door, one of the things you want to consider is the maintenance of the door. One of the most important components of these doors is the roll up garage door springs. In a garage door, there are two main types of spring at work; the torsion springs and the side-mounted springs. Both springs are essential to the working process of the garage door. Therefore, if the springs go bad, your garage door will malfunction. Hence, it is crucial to understand how these springs work and how long they last.

Roll up doors are designed to last for many years. However, your roll up door will not last forever. Also, without proper maintenance, your roll up door will start giving you issues within a few years. Therefore, to extend the lifespan of your roll up doors, you need to maintain them constantly. Your Roll up Doors may last for as long as you want, but it is impossible for the springs. The springs of your roll up doors are always at work during the movement, and as such, you need to watch it frequently. According to experts, roll up door springs should last three and five years. If you do not maintain it properly, it may be a shorter period than that, but if you maintain the door properly, it may last for more than the expected period. Maintaining your spring means watching the spring and lubricating it. Regardless of how frequently you listen to the doors work and maintain the springs, it will still be bad. There are some factors that affect the lifespan of a roll up door spring. Some of these factors include;


As time goes by, the roll-up door will begin to get hold. With hundreds or even thousands of openings and closing going on, it is normal for wear and tear to go on. That you have a roll-up door does not mean you will not open the door frequently. Like every other door, you need to open it when you need something behind the door. Opening these doors consistently will weaken the bolts and nuts used to hold the door itself, the springs, and other components. Also, the tracks the door rests on to open and close will get dirty at intervals, and you will need to clean it. All this does not mean you are not maintaining it properly; it only means time is going.

Spring rusting

As with most other parts of a roll up door, the door’s spring is made with metal. No matter how many preventive methods like painting, a metal is bound to rust. Of course, you may want to disagree because rust is usually fostered by moisture. Rust is the metal reacting with the atmosphere. As a result, when rust comes, the spring is bound to spoil.

Spring pressure

The spring of a roll-up door is one of the most important components. This part of the door is usually working at all times. For every time the door opens and closes, there is a certain pressure exerted on the spring. Over time, the pressure will weaken the spring, and with force not reducing, the spring will need a replacement.


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