How to Fix Closure On Your Wig


The present shift by most wig lovers to closure wigs is one we should all study. Suddenly, everyone simply wants to buy a wig that has closure. It is either they buy the already made closure wigs, or they buy the wig bundles with closure and make it into a closure wig. The beautiful, natural, and sleek appearance of the closure wigs is probably one main reason why thousands of wig lovers are buying closure wigs. Wigs with closure generally are unique and different from other wigs, yet, they still look very natural on the head of the wearer.

However, buying a closure wig isn’t all there is to own one. You need to know how to maintain the wig properly. Asides from washing the wig optimally, other maintenance processes include good storage and not overwearing the wig. No matter how great you are while maintaining your hair, as long as it’s a closure wig, you may have some issues with the closures. In some cases, the closure of the wig may shift or maybe slide away from the specified location; here’s how you can fix it.

Step 1: Wear The wig

When the closure on your closure wig is not staying at the proper position, the first thing to do is to ascertain where the real problem is coming from. If you don’t get the real problem, you’ll be trying to fix another point on the closure wig, and you may end up spoiling the whole wig.

Step 2: Glue The Closure

After confirming the exact location, you can start fixing the closure back. For this process, you’ll need glue. As much as possible, ensure an adhesive is a skin-friendly option because it may end up touching your skin. You can use a brush, but your finger usually does a better job. So put the glue on your finger and raise the affected closure area and glue it. A glue option you can use is the spiking glue used for hair spiking purposes, but it can still keep a wig closure down.

Step 3: Wait for Some Minutes and Reapply Glue

After adding the first glue, there is a high chance that the closure sticks a bit to the hair, and you feel it is okay. What that closure has successfully done is deceive you. Within a few minutes, the closure will be removed. What you need in this situation is to reapply the glue on the affected area. After this new glue gets dried up, you can think of spraying the hair with a holding spray.

Step 4: Apply Pressure

No matter how good the glue you’re using to hold back the closure is, you’ll still need a bit of pressure. You need all parts of the closure to stay for your scalp. Therefore, while adding the glue in the first and second stages, what you need to do is to apply some pressure to ensure it stays together.


Fixing a shifting closure on your wig can be a risky process. However, if you follow the steps in this guide, then you will get it right. But if any stage proves difficult, visit your stylist.


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