How To Use A Helium Balloon Tank


What’s a party without some helium balloons? Probably a formal event with no kids in it! Helium balloons make excellent festive decorations and can turn a boring function to one filled with pops and happiness. Although it’s fun to blow up these balloons, it’s only a matter of time before the mouth begins to suffer for it. An easier and quick way to blow up hundreds of balloons is with a helium balloon tank.

A helium balloon tank also allows you to blow up balloons at the party site, rather than worrying about transporting them from the balloon shop. However, to get the best out of these balloon tanks, they have to be used properly. The post gives an easy breakdown on how to use a helium balloon tank.

Using a helium balloon tank

The first step in using a balloon tank is to ensure you purchase the tank from a highly reputable supplier. For safety reasons, it’s best to check the expiration date of the tank and ensure the supplier is one you can trust. When this is done, you can proceed with the steps below.

  • Place the tank in a open or well ventilated room
  • Open the tank valve and release all leftover gas in it. Ensure the tank is not being released in your direction
  • Before attaching the balloon nozzle, remove the rubber cap on the tank
  • Open the tank valve. This is usually done by turning the handle anti-clockwise
  • Before releasing the gas, hold the balloon in place to receive the gas. Lift the bottom tip upwards to allow the gas easily fill it up
  • Inflate the balloon. It’s always recommended to fill the balloon with the idea gas volume to prevent it from rupturing or bursting
  • Gently remove the inflated balloon from the tank valve. Hold and knot the tip immediately to prevent gas loss or balloon deflation.
  • Proceed to close the tank valve by rotating it in a clockwise direction.
  • Always keep the tank in a safe storage when not in use.

How to dispose a balloon tank

When the tank is old and has served its purpose, it’s always advisable to dispose of these tanks safely. You can contact your area’s local council for safety ways to dispose of tanks.

If you would want to do it yourself, it’s best to be better informed than put yourself in danger.

  • Locate an area that’s well ventilated. Best to do it in an open space where the gas can easily be released without any negative feedback.
  • Remove the tank nozzle with a flathead screwdriver
  • With the tank depressurized, wear protective gloves and glasses and hammer the blowout valve of the tank.
  • Once the blowout valve has been punctured and destroyed with a hammer and a plier, it’s advisable to indicate that the tank is empty. It helps inform anyone disposing of the tank.


Helium balloon tanks help fill balloons with air quicker than using the mouth. Rather than go through the stress of buying already inflated balloons and worrying if they’ll make it to the party, settle for a balloon tank. The tank is easy to use and can be used multiple times before needing a refill. Like other gas tanks, these helium balloon tanks are also easy to dispose when you no longer have need for them.


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