Review of the Mifo O5 Plus Gen 2 TWS


Mifo demonstrates that a new brand may be the best in the industry by innovating on the concept and then improving it even more.

It’s not very often that a whole brand name emerges to dethrone existing competitors. Mifo appears to have done all of this and more, producing a unique technology from the ground up in one of the most challenging and engineering-intensive classes. Learn more about the mifo o5 plus true wireless earbuds.

The Mifo O5 Plus Gen 2 includes the following features

Mifo’s O5 Plus Gen 2 true wireless earbuds don’t scrimp on functionality. From the massive 100-hour, 2,600mAh charging dock to the nearly 7-hours of continuous play duration, the earbuds offer on all fronts.

The upgraded Gen 2 edition includes smartphone recharging to extract maximum power of that giant battery while driving, and also transparency mode and better audio drivers. Altogether, it’s a good performance that incorporates extra features seen in competition costing twice as much (or more).

Sleek case Design

Mifo uses high-quality metals on every part of the item, providing it with a solid, long-lasting feel. Also, the packing and design are opulent, so fully avoids customers’ regret.

The transparent metal casing outlasts the usual plastic case in terms of longevity, so you no longer have to deal with your keys damaging the casing. The lid fits snugly, and the surface is as clean as a bar of soap in your palm.

Fit earbuds

The earphones’ design, with a short tail, is also unusual. The little tail has two red and blue spots that can be used to identify between the earphones. The operating technique is contact, and you may change the volume settings as well as play the prior or the next track. The earphones are IP67 certified, and also the head of the earphone features an inclination that allows for a solid and permanent fit on the ear, which makes it a great earphone for outdoor recreation as well.

Battery Recharging

The MIFO O5 Gen 2 case includes a 2600mAh built-in charger as well as an adaptor. That enables the client to reverse-charge their smartphones. You don’t have to bring a power bank with you. After all, you can recharge your smartphone on the move. All you need to do is use a short USB-C to C charging cord and the MIFO O5 Gen 2 case to ensure that your phone is powered for the whole day.

Sound Quality

The MIFO O5 Gen 2 is equipped with the aptX audio codec. The sound system ought to be superior to SBC-only earphones. In addition, the O5 Gen2 works admirably in practice. This is one of those earphones that enables you to hear any sort of tune across multiple wavelengths. It lacks the exclusive software. If you need to alter the EQ, you must install the audio app and do it manually.


Although not ideal, Mifo’s O5 Plus Gen 2 wireless Bluetooth earbuds are the greatest benefits for money. Especially when comparing fitting, audio quality, and affordability. These easily equal even Bose’s greatest true wireless option for far less than half the cost, while also looking and feeling more sturdy.

The company has also provided an exceptional 24/7 support experience. They do let you buy an extra missing earbud or battery case on their websites, for instance. It also provides choices like made-to-order added comfort ear tips.


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