The Benefits and Drawbacks of Dome Homes


Geodome houses, “spherical” homes, and “that very fantastic building that resembles like a ring” are some of the labels given to dome homes. There seem to be 2 kinds of dome properties on the market right now: geodesic dome homes and monolithic dome homes. Every glamping dome has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. So, if you’re not sure why you should go with a dome home, here are both arguments.

What are all the Benefits of Contemporary Dome Homes?

  • Sturdiness: With the number of natural catastrophes that have struck in recent years, it’s no surprise that many individuals are considering constructing more distinctive constructions that can resist harsh weather and environmental disasters. Because it has fewer flat surfaces, eco-dome housing enables air to travel about it. The dome form can readily shed snowfall, and some studies indicate that it can withstand the pressure of an EF5 twister, a giant hurricane, or a strong earthquake.
  • Energy-efficient: Since geodesic domes promote optimal airflow and effective insulation – keeping your inside temperatures consistent – they are much more energy-efficient overall. And because daylight is reflected inside the dome, you may make use of it, reducing your consumption or the need for electricity. This all renders them environmentally friendly.
  • Strength: In terms of innovation, domes are much more durable than rectangular dwellings, and they get proportionately tougher as they grow in size. When you pick a dome home constructed of bioceramic material, it also becomes fire-resistant.
  • Low price: Since an eco-dome home does indeed have a smaller surface area than a standard home, it will require half or a fourth of the resources. They will indeed, as previously said, reduce your utility expenses. That’s a win-win situation.

Are there drawbacks to Geodesic Dome Houses?

Newer dome houses are becoming more common, rendering all of these concerns significantly better to handle than what they were a couple of decades ago. Take a look at several things to think about while creating a dome home:

  • You can’t easily place chimneys inside a dome.
  • It is difficult to create divisions or units inside the sphere.
  • Because of the architecture of a geodesic house, you may have to deal with different situations of noise bouncing around the area when it comes to sound quality.
  • Curvy surfaces can make decor even more difficult. After all most equipment and wall coverings are built for rectangular or right-angle positioning.
  • Many geodesic domes leak; fortunately, some companies have unique and lasting construction that prevents leakage.

To be honest, a dome-shaped home is not for everyone. Some of them already have an unusual appearance which many people find repulsive. Furthermore, many resident groups will refuse them due to their distinct appearance. Depending on the structure, privacy becomes a concern.

Another problem with dome homes, especially concrete domes, is that repairs may quickly pile expensive.

Where Can I Find a Dome House for Sale?

The best place to look for a dome house for sale is the internet. They even have specialized marketplaces where you can buy your own dome dwelling. Unfortunately, dome-shaped residences are hard to come by. So if you can’t locate one you like for sale, you may have to make your own.


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