Top reasons why you should not avoid eating rice


Not eating rice or cutting down its consumption is among the first things many of us want to do when it comes to shedding weight. But should you give up rice completely? Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar does not think so; in a recent Instagram post, she explained why.


According to Diwekar, rice is loaded with health benefits. She listed 10 good qualities of rice that help you maintain your overall health. Take a look:

*Rice is a pre-biotic, it feeds not just you but the diverse ecosystem of microbes within you.

*Hand-milled, single polished rice can be cooked in versatile ways from kanji to kheer and everything in between.

*Easy to digest and light on the stomach, leads to restorative sleep which further leads to better hormonal balance; especially required in the ageing and the very young.

*Great for the skin, gets rid of enlarged pores that come with high prolactin levels.

*Sustains and improves hair growth that an impaired thyroid may have damaged.

*Rice growing communities tend to be more co-operative and gender equal.

*Every part of rice is usable; bran is fed to cattle.

*Leaves behind adequate moisture in soil to grow pulses which then enrich the soil further by working as natural nitrogen fixtures.

*Grandmom approved – local, seasonal, and belongs to your food heritage. It sustains health, economy and ecology.


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